Wednesday, November 2, 2011

b e a n    w r e a t h s,    t e l e p h o n e   t a b l e s,   a n d   t h e   b a c k r o o m 
{and some other boring bits of business}

Ok, I am officially burned out of painting. Getting ready for the Junk Salvation show has me going in a thousand directions and a million little things to finish up. I like being busy but right now I am a bit disorganized {not at all like me} and I think my family and friends are ready for me to stop thinking and talking about my upcoming sale. So, this will be the last post,  pre-sale that I will do {I miss doing posts about home decorating, not just furniture redo's so look out for more "home" stuff from me in the next few weeks}.

I made a few bean wreaths to brighten up my booth. I also have one over my studio door, this used to be on my front door about a year ago. I found the tutorial here. These look really cool {in my opinion} but are time consuming to make.

I also finished up a few small tables {three of them vintage telephone tables}. Honestly, painting small tables really is not my favorite thing to do {just like painting chairs}.  They are really time consuming to hand paint, they can take just as long as a big dresser-buffet for me to paint, and I make 1/4 the amount of money on them. So, from a business standpoint I don't maximize my time/money by painting these {that is why I don't sell small items usually}. But I do know that for this sale I needed to fill in with smaller items and that my bigger pieces might not sell because people aren't usually shopping for bigger pieces at these sales, but who knows.

Also, I thought I would show the "backroom" or "painting room" of my studio space. Right now it has both finished pieces and a couple items I will be working on after the sale.

{the buffet is a custom order I will be working on next week-sorry claimed already}

I do have these two dressers that can be claimed, these are much  bigger than they look in the pictures. If you choose one of these I will need two weeks to finish because of other custom orders booked right now. Another note {all boring business} I will be charging sales tax on all purchases starting next Monday. I really really try to keep my prices low for you all, but I usually pay the sales tax on your purchases and it is taking a big chunk out of my profit, so I am working long hours and my profit is small. But the good news is I am setting up a way to take debit/credit and my Etsy account will be set up next week sometime.

Speaking of Etsy. I can't tell you how many people have contacted me about my paper wreaths wanting to buy them. I am contemplating putting them on Etsy for a Christmas item. I would only make a limited amount of these because they are very time consuming to make but I would consider taking a week off of custom painting orders to make some of these.

Wow, this post was longer than I had originally intended. Can you tell I am avoiding finishing all of my painting? Ok, I better go get started. Maybe when I am done I can reward myself with left over Halloween candy.