Monday, October 31, 2011

c h e c k o u t    s t a t i o n

Yesterday Saint {my husband} took the kids to a movie so I could get a jump start on my week. I have so many little things to finish up before Junk Salvation this weekend. I am not that organized right now {I need to get on this} but I figured if I had a "checkout" station at my booth I could hide stuff behind it, like nails, extra cards, receipts, calculator, etc. This station will not be for sale, sorry! In fact I think I will keep it in my studio shop permanently. The checkout station will be in the back of my booth, not front and center as shown here.

When I purchased the dresser it was missing the two top drawers, so it was a steal {and an ugly emerald green}. At some point I will have wood cut for where the bottom of the drawers were, but for now I stuck some baskets in there.
{backside of station}

I also made some bunting and a mini chalk board sign to spruce it up a bit. 
I think I will take a chair from my home to have behind the station as well {not that I will have a moment to sit down}.

I hope post everyday this week with new stuff going in the shop everyday.