Friday, October 28, 2011

f a v o r i t e   h o u s e   f r i d a y
{and a bonus furniture redo}

Today for fhf I am handing it off to Michelle {contributing writer for mcc} to show her own home. 

My Home

We've lived here in 
Snohomish {in Washington State} for 6 years.  We celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary next Friday.  We love where we live and enjoy being able to walk to the bakery, library, park and restaurants.  I love after a long week in the car commuting we can park the car and not get back in until Monday morning.
Our house has been a lot of work and at times a bit overwhelming.  It was built in the 1960's so no where near historic like Alison's amazing home but we do the best we can, are happy with our progress so far and are still optimistic of the things yet to be done.

Here is the house when we bought it in 2005.

And here this summer after we painted, added a new roof and lots of new plants.

Here is the view of the yard when we bought it. 


And this summer.  We repainted the shed (it needs to be torn down and rebuilt but that's a few years down the road).  We've added a lot of new plants.

And here is a shot of the sad front room when we bought it.  But I had a vision!
Here you'll see the before shot, after I bought my favorite console for $50 on craigslist and painted it white.

And here is the front room now.  My husband took beautiful pictures of the girls and had them blown up and printed on foam core.  Aren't they beautiful!!

As you see we did these prior to Abigail's circus party (you can see the birthday print on the other wall).

I love seeing the pictures of my beautiful girls everyday!!

Thank you Michelle. Anyone want to see what I have been up to this week? I have been a busy lady getting ready for my vintage home show.

Also, I have had several people ask me to come check out the studio this week, and I am so sorry I had to decline. The space is a mess {kind of a pretty mess} but you can't even walk through it now and I have even more to stuff in {two of the dressers are being picked up in the next few days anyway}.
I like things neat and orderly, without a lot of clutter. So my space looking like this stresses me out a bit. 

Remember this dresser I put on "claim it before I paint it" a few weeks ago. No one claimed it and I was glad. I needed one more fun piece to take with me to Junk Salvation. I wanted to paint it grey because I sold all of my other grey pieces. I added the big fun glass knobs {these are my new favorite} to totally glam it out.


I also made a "bean wreath" for fun, not sure if this is going to stay with me at home or go to Junk Salvation for sale. Are you going to visit me at my booth next week? Please do I want to meet you!
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  1. I'm hoping to go! I want to see all your beautiful work:)

  2. Wow you have such lovely things in your garage...I wish I lived closer to come and visit your booth...I'm sure you will sell everything....and your friends house is so cute!

  3. the hosue is amazing!!! what a difference! and LOVE that dresser..... LOVE.

  4. Your hard work resulted in a lovely transformation, Michelle!

  5. Thank you for the kind comments Cassie and Kerrie!!

  6. What a gorgeous grey you chose, it really suits the piece!!
    I spy a few other cool pieces nearby too!!

  7. Stopping in from your feature on MMS! Love your work. Love what you did to your house. It's amazing how you transformed your curb appeal. Love the dresser too.

  8. Would love to know what paint color this dresser has on it, thanks

  9. I love the color and the knobs and everything!

  10. Great dresser. Could you tell me where you found those beautiful drawer pulls. I have chest of drawers I painted blue for my daughters room and they would look lovely.

  11. found you from Miss Mustard seed........I love this dresser, it's so pretty :)

  12. Really beautiful color. Will you share the formula for it? Visiting from MMS.


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