Sunday, November 6, 2011

i   s u r v i v e d    j u n k    s a l v a t i o n !
{and i think i will do it again}

{front of the booth}
Junk Salvation {a two day vintage market flea} ended last night at 4pm. I think I was successful because by 430pm my mini uhaul  was loaded up with what I didn't sell and I was on the road home.  It really exceeded my expectations and I am sure I will do it again. Next time I will plan months ahead and not throw things together in just a few weeks.

 I wasn't sure if the flea market was a right fit for my business. I am a furniture painter, that is what I do. And I have a problem with too many knick-knacks. Too much "stuff" in one place and my eye doesn't know where to land. This was my challenge with stocking a booth. I wanted you to come to my booth and appreciate the furniture and not get overwhelmed with stuff. I hope I created a good balance. I am learning how to do this. If I ever have a store this is what I hope to create. A store filled with fantastic furniture and a section for "stuff" neatly organized so you can appreciate it. That is my vision of a booth and "store" that is Modern Cottage.

A big thanks to my family for being supportive the last two weeks while I painted non-stop, my clients for understanding I would be taking a few weeks off of custom work, and a huge thanks to my friend Molly who stayed with me at the booth {and baby Nolan} both days. She kept me sane and made it fun. 

Lastly, what was really really really cool to me was the blog readers that came and saw the booth. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have this job. You all keep me motivated and inspired. I can't thank you ladies enough. Last month this little blog got over 35,000 page views, how cool is that??!!!

I am technically taking Monday off of work {I need a day off} but check the Shop Modern Cottage tab for a couple new "claim it before i paint it" pieces, I will be adding the dimensions Monday morning, and what I didn't sell at the sale will be posted on Craigslist. After I do all of that I might sit on the couch, watch last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and try not to actually "do" anything for one day.
But come Tuesday I will be back to painting!