Friday, October 21, 2011

t w o   d r e s s e r s
{before and afters}

Well actually I did four dressers and a shelf this week {one isn't totally done}. I over did it a bit, I am tired. Plus it is my daughter's birthday so we are super busy, and a couple of us in the household have been under the weather.
Let's just say I am ready for the week to be done. I am glad my daughter picked mexican food for her birthday celebration dinner for tonight. I am going to have myself some chips n salsa and a margarita 
{or two}.

I showed you earlier in the week the petite dresser for Jennah.
I finished another dresser for Rae, same color, different shape and different knobs.
{ before }

I also finished this dresser-turned-media center for Bijal. She wanted red {I picked Martha Stewart's Lady Bug, a great red}, did a glaze and distressing finishing off with a wax.


{in person not as bit of a "bright red" as shown in this picture, don't worry Bijal!}

I won't be doing four dresses and a shelf in one week again. I have been crabby stressed about getting them done and I think my husband wants his sweet wife back. I will be really sweet after I have my margarita tonight!

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