Wednesday, October 5, 2011

m i s s   g r e y   f o r    r a e
{and other things i have been up to this week}

Should we start off this post with a furniture redo? I think so!

I don't have a "before" pic, sorry!

Rae contacted me a while a go interested in the grey lady but this went to Kelley {I hope she likes it!}

I had another dresser in mind for Rae that I thought would be pretty in the same color with grey glass knobs.

Here is what I did.

It wasn't just Rae who wants a grey dresser, I have at least three others wanting one. I am working on figuring out a good time for a "buying trip" in the next week so if you want a grey dresser similar email me!

I have a few other projects I am painting this week but nothing new to go into the shop. I have been working on a couple custom pieces and others that I need to finish to take with me to Junk Salvation in November.
It is super busy here at the headquarters for MCC.

I did do a couple things for my own home though.

I added a chalkboard to my family room so I could put up the kids weekly spelling words. Last weekend I also made a paper wreath for myself out of atlas paper. I am getting better at these. The more I make the better I like them so don't get discouraged if you make one and it turns out wonky at first, just try again.

I finally added fabric to my kitchen cabinet doors {I have been working on this kitchen redo for six months now, almost finally done!}. The lady at the fabric store asked me what I was going to use the black and white houndstooth fabric for and when I told her it was for my kitchen cabinets she looked at me and said "Well that will be interesting!". Ha! Either she didn't have the vision, I didn't explain it correctly, or maybe I am nutty for putting that dramatic fabric in my kitchen.

Lastly I painted a little black table and decided to keep it for now in my living room.

Wow, I really have been busy!

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