Monday, September 5, 2011

t h e    g r e y   l a d y 

I finished this tall lady for the new studio. Yes, she will be for sale. She is so lovely that I wish I had a place for her in my own home.

Here is the before
{pretty bad before pic, sorry}

It had missing pulls but the over all condition of this piece was great. It is heavy and a great quality antique. I had a vision of using a really modern light grey color in a high gloss. I ended up using my porch paint {same as on my sign}. I wasn't sure how this paint was going to turn out on furniture, but I had a half a can left and thought, why not, I can always strip it and start over if it didn't look right. 
The paint went on great {I did the proper sanding and priming first}.
 I just love the durability of this paint and the high gloss finish in contrast with the traditional shape and distressing {and a dark wax on top} I think makes this piece special.

There she is, in the new studio.
While I am on the subject of the new studio, go and visit the Shop Modern Cottage tab. I am updating pictures almost daily as I add more in that will be for sale starting September 14th. I already have people claiming things, so if you are interested email me ASAP.

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