Saturday, September 3, 2011

s c h o o l

This week was a week of new beginnings. I am putting the finishing touches on my studio, the kids went back to school, and I started my new part time job. 

{in case you are wondering my kids wear uniforms to school, thank goodness, this makes my life so much easier}

In keeping with the school theme, I thought I would show you this vintage school desk I found earlier this week. I was dying when I saw it, it was coming home with me. This is even before I saw the price {but it was under $6}. At first I thought I would sell it. It would be great in the studio but once I got it home my son claimed it.

It looks great in his room. My kids play school all of the time. One is the teacher at the chalkboard and the other used to sit on the bed, but now they have a desk.

While I am on the subject of chalkboards. I had a reader ask me what I painted my chalkboard sign on. The old cardboard painting. It works great. I used the same technique on the chalkboard in my son's room. I did a tutorial about a year ago,  you can find it here.