Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i f   o n l y   i    c o u l d    k e e p    t h i s    o n e 
{but that would officially make me an antique dresser hoarder, and i painted it for Jennah anyway!}

I am doing 4 custom dressers this week. One more than I would normally take on- but I am crazy. I am actually making progress on all of them and I am thrilled with how they are turning out.  

I kind of figured I would add in one extra custom order this week, and only do one next week. Then I need to focus on Junk Salvation, so the studio will be closed for appointments for two weeks. I really need to focus on getting ready for this show, you should see my pile, it is out of control {maybe next post I will show you and you will really think I am crazy for taking on this many projects at once}.


I finished this sweet dresser for Jennah {it would look cute in my bathroom, but again it is for Jennah!}

Here is what I did.

Pretty much everything that is in the shop now is either sold, custom order, or going with me to Junk Salvation {this is why I am closing the studio for two weeks starting Sunday}. 

Not only have I been painting I have been buying a ton. So don't worry, when I open the studio back up in November I have so many projects to finish and add to the shop. Just wait, I got some amazing things that I can't wait to transform.

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