Wednesday, August 31, 2011

 h o u n d s t o o t h   -    s e a g r a s s   b e n c h

My set of sea grass benches arrived last week. The quality is great and the price was even better. You never know what you are going to get when you order online.

Thank you to all who helped me to decide what fabric to go with, the blue houndstooth is beautiful.  The scale of the houndstooth design was a lot larger than I had anticipated but I like it even more. It is a bit more graphic in a larger scale and the color is a perfect match.

Did you notice I took my rug out? My house is 101 years old and gets dusty very easily. With my husband and children having dusty allergies, I took all of the rugs out of my downstairs. With the rug out, I still needed some texture around or under the table, it looked a bit bare. I placed the biggest sea grass bench under the table for more storage and it helps add back texture now that the rug is gone.

 More accessories still need to be added in this room. I am not a knick-knacky person, maybe that is the "modern" in me. But the "cottage" knows that accessories can really make a room feel more lived in.
This is my struggle.

Anyway, I adore the new benches.