Wednesday, August 31, 2011

b a b y   d r e s s e r 

My client Devon found me through Blooming Kids, a local kids store in our area where I sell some of my furniture.  She was looking for a dresser to use in her new baby nursery. She explained what she was looking for and the price range. It took me a while to find a dresser for her that fit the description since I have been busy being a mom this summer and doing painting in my spare time {umm, who has spare time with two little kids... I managed to find some}.
 Now this isn't something I normally do, personal shop for clients, but if you give me a good description of something you want and the price range, I will look for you as I look for other items to go in my shop. 

My rules with this are, do you mind waiting a while, sometimes I am lucky and find what you are looking for and other times I just can't find it. The other rule is, I will only personal shop for you if I know I can resell the piece in my shop if it turns out not to be what you really wanted. If you do request this service from me, be patient. I am starting a part time job, I have a household to run, and a shop to fill with hand painted furniture.

If you really are dying for a piece and can't wait, but you don't know how to  paint it, I can give you ideas where to go find things and once you find the piece{s} I will paint them for you. It works out be about the same amount of money.
 Anyway, it is fun to hunt and find things for people. 

Ok back to Devon's baby dresser.
Here is the before

Here is what I did

It looks so fresh in the shop, I think once Devon picks it up I need to replace it with another white piece.