Monday, August 29, 2011

m y   n e w   d e s k

I took my old peacock blue desk out of my office to put it in the new studio, for sale.
This is a really wonderful desk and I sure hope it goes to a good new home.

I really needed a bigger desk for my office and I had one in my storage waiting for a transformation.
This desk got the same paint, distressing and wax as my old desk {click here for that post}.

This is the last piece of furniture I am painting this color for a while, I need a break from it. Don't get me wrong, it is one of my favorite colors, but I am not going to decorate my whole house in peacock-turquoise  blue. It is good for a fun pop of color in small doses.

Since I am showing pics of my office {which I haven't done in a while} look at my great spindle shelf. This was $5.99 at thrift store, already painted black, for once I didn't have to paint something!
{fun baskets from Target}

My old desk is in the new studio. Now that I am loading finished pieces into the studio I am totally inspired. I have some really fabulous ideas to share with you in the next few weeks as I do the finishing touches on it. It is like a new room in my house to decorate, love it!