Saturday, July 9, 2011

o l d   w o r l d   p e t i t e   d r e s s e r

I am so glad to get this cutie done. I think it is more old world than cottage, but it is very sweet indeed.

I originally planned on refinishing it but as I sanded the piece I really couldn't get the water marks off the top. So it made the decision to paint easier. 
{I prefer to paint than refinish anyway}

I sanded, sprayed KILZ Clean Start {took one can}. I then lightly sanded again {the texture was a big rough after the spray primer}. I painted on two coats of Dutch Boy, Willows Gold {this is the same color as the walls in my family room and living room. It is a very good base color if you want to do a tuscan type of finish. 

I then distressed the edges and roughed up the paint a bit with a sand block. I went over the whole piece with a medium stain and then wiped down with a sock getting most of the stain off. 
One of my tricks for waxes and glazing is using a very old and soft sock over my hand. It helps me have control over how much stain I want to keep on or off the piece.
Other furniture painters might think this is weird but it works for me!

I went over the whole piece with a clear wax and painted the hardware with a black satin.

This piece is going to my nephew, for his room and will be placed between two antique twin beds.
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