Thursday, June 16, 2011

 m a r i s s a ' s    t a b l e 

Did you know I will custom paint for you? Prices vary per project and soon I will have a tab on the blog for this service.

Marissa had this darling antique dinning set that was in her family for generations. The structure was in fantastic shape but the finish had really seen better days. But this table set had so much potential.

I started off sanding the set using my palm sander. The finish was a lacquer so the sanding took about two hours. Looking back I probably should have used TSP or something like that to remove the finish before sanding. But the sanding seemed to the trick.

I didn't use a bonding primer on this set. Instead I bought Behr Premium paint with primer already added, in Black Suede, and I think the finish was an eggshell. I was a little panicked about the color because it brushed on a dark grey and it took a very long time to dry to a black. This had less to do with the paint and more to do with it being a rainy day and I was painting it in the garage. I was a little worried when it was drying dark grey because this paint is pretty expensive and it was not in my budget to go buy more paint. It eventually dried a beautiful black, thank goodness!

It took four coats of paint. After the second coat I went over the whole set with a fine grit sand paper, then I added two more coats of paint.

The finish was tricky on this piece because of the color black. I first tried a poly and brushed it on but you could see the brush strokes. So I sanded it down, repainted and tri
ed a wax. This didn't look right, finish was too dull with the black. I ended up sanding it again and using a wipe on poly in semi-gloss and this worked perfectly.

I hope Marissa is happy with her new/old dinning set.