Monday, June 20, 2011

n o t   j u s t   p a i n t e d   f u r n i t u r e

It you were to look at pictures from my home over a year ago you would find not a single unpainted piece of furniture. I realized that there was a lack of warmth in my design and I have been slowly adding in some tiger oak pieces. Tiger oak is my wood of choice to balance my painted pieces and I love the way it looks next a white slipcovered sofa.

My newest piece, a child's antique desk I am using as an end table.

This dresser is hands down my favorite piece of furniture I own. I bought the black knobs at Cost Plus. In person the knobs look like giant jewels, they sparkle and really are the jewelry to the piece.

 My antique library table that I stained the top.
{this is in my family room, same as the table below}

I bought this barley leg, drop leaf table at the Funk Junk Antique Show, it is now the kids game table. My kids were growing out of their small play table, which is now in my basement playroom. This room is not finished yet {that is why it is not on my home tour tab}. There is too much brown now, and I am trying to balance it with lighter, breezier accessories. It needs some tweaking. I just need some time and money {and maybe a little inspiration} to finish it.

Oh, and the tv console I adore too, my first piece of unpainted furniture I bought and kept natural. It is an antique buffet that I put fun knobs on and cut a small hole in the back of for tv cords. What is great about using a buffet is the height of it,  it is too high for the kids to be constantly touching it and getting finger prints on it. It would be cute painted a fun color and it would balance out all of the brown in the room but I can't bring myself to paint it. I promised myself when I first bought it that I would never paint it. 

And lastly, my kitchen table. This was a Craigslist find and it only cost me $100, seriously!

I have to admit I haven't painted a piece of furniture in a week and a half and I am itching to get back out to the studio and paint. I am trying to figure out how I am going to find the time to paint this summer with the kids home. Well, I will need to find the time, because it is what I love to do and I love sharing my projects with you all.