Wednesday, June 15, 2011

 a    b i g   t h a n k   y o u

Happy Wednesday my friends. I am on day one of kids home for summer vacation and so far so good. 

I wanted to say a big thank you to Chris at she featured The Modern Cottage yesterday in her SAS wrap up. I was like dingdang-that is so exciting!

Today we are having family from out of town come to dinner so I tidied up the house and bought some flowers. Since it actually looks pretty clean around here today I thought I would snap some updated pictures of my living room and kitchen. 

Ha, do you see my "menu" board? This is never updated just so you know, it is kind of a mess.

No dishes in the sink for once, and I swept the floor!

I love that at the end of the year the kids come home with tons of artwork. My old screen door is bursting with color!

Probably too many pillows on the couch.

I am keeping the big buffet for now. He might go in the shop sometime in the fall.

I adore you all, now go out and have a great day!