Monday, May 18, 2020

w e e k  9  q u a r e n t i n e

If you asked me 3 months ago about the thought of working from home full time, I would have said YES! 

We have been living in this house for a year and I have so many projects that I would have loved to put my 8 hours in of work and fit in a project or two each day. 

It hasn't happened that way. 

In a weird way I am really enjoying being at home and not fully relaxed about it either. And by the weekend I am exhausted. Full on, I don't want to do a thing exhausted.  I sat on my couch all day last  Saturday watching Little Fires Everywhere. For 10 hours.

I am not getting the projects done that I hoped, my kids are doing just fine, I am tired. 

Anyway, I have done very little of the above quote and I have been doing a lot of looking at my phone. 

I have a lot on my work to do list, maybe I need to make a "me" to do list as well. 

Maybe coffee and kissing tomorrow.

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