Tuesday, July 17, 2018

l e t t i n g     g o 

I have been quiet here. I had the type of day today that brought me back to the blog.

As I opened this blog template to write, I noticed that I have posted 398 posts over the last 8 years.

Well, I had no idea (or remembered) that I have done that many posts over the years!

I spent the evening with my friend Kathy on the water having dinner. Kathy was my neighbor and friend for all 8 years of The Modern Cottage Company and she was also in the antique business. We are bonded that way.

She brought some perspective to my week about what really matters.  

I will tell you, I don't open my business Instagram or Facebook much anymore and when I did today I got the pang of inadequacy. The inactivity of my account(s) means that followers are falling off quickly. And that is ok. I was talking to my husband about it tonight and I said, I have to let that go. I need to be okay that what I built isn't there anymore and evolve myself. It was all surface and not substance anyway.

 I am not building that anymore. I am busy building more important things.

I am not in a really creative business chapter of my life, and I think that is why I stopped posting. But it is good, I am at peace with that. I wanted for this chapter for years and it is unfolding the way it should.

 I am challenged now in a different way with work each day and I love it. My (new-ish, been there almost a year) work family is quirky and fun. Each day is completely different and I get to put my professional and event strategy business hat on. I love the travel component of my job.

It's all still wonky and wonderful but I am working on it.

- Alison