Tuesday, July 17, 2018

l e t t i n g     g o 

I have been quiet here. I had the type of day today that brought me back to the blog.

As I opened this blog template to write, I noticed that I have posted 398 posts over the last 8 years.

Well, I had no idea (or remembered) that I have done that many posts over the years!

I spent the evening with my friend Kathy on the water having dinner. Kathy was my neighbor and friend for all 8 years of MCC and she was also in the antique business. We are bonded that way.

She brought some perspective to my week about what really matters.  

I will tell you, I don't open Instagram or Facebook much anymore and when I did today I got the pang of inadequacy. The inactivity of my account(s) means that followers are falling off quickly. And that is ok too. I was talking to my husband about it tonight and I said, I have to let that go. Be okay that what I built isn't there anymore and evolve myself. It was all surface and not substance anyway.

 I am not building that anymore. I am busy building more important things.

I am not in a really creative chapter of my life, and I think that is why I stopped posting. But it is good, I am at peace with that. I prayed for this chapter for years and it is unfolding the way it should.

 I am challenged now in a different way with work each day and I love it. My (new-ish, been there almost a year) work family is quirky and fun. Each day is completely different and I get to put my professional and strategic business hat on. I love the travel component of my job.

At the same time I am growing more introspective into who I am and what I want (mom's have a hard time with this) Cooper isn't in a good place, we are working on that everyday. I still need answered prayers for Coop. Things are up and down.

We have plans to move homes next year. It feels right to all of us in the family to move.

It will depend on the house, we won't sell until we find something that a good fit. But I have this feeling that as soon as we do, I will get that creativity back tenfold. Design was always my love, I need a new project.

It's all still wonky, wonderful and not grounded. 

But I am working on it. 

XO- Alison