Wednesday, July 13, 2016

t h e    s u m m e r     n e w s
I thought I would write a quick blog to answer some questions and let you know what I am up to!
This week I am focusing on organizing the shop for the last weekend of sales. I have mixed feelings about it but I moved up my closing date to July 17th for several reasons.
Frist I really need two weekends to move out before the new tenant moves in. I have my kids full time during the week so it will have to be done on the weekends when my husband is home to watch them. Summer is always a juggle balancing working at home/shop and the kids. Even with this being my 5th summer doing it, I always wing it. I don't have childcare so I am often "making" one or both of my kids come with me to pick up and drop of furniture. They don't love it, maybe the first year or two they did but not so much anymore. I am still buying and I usually spend a day or two a week just picking pieces up. At least I am not having to paint several pieces a week then bring them to the shop this summer. I am storing stuff and taking my time with pieces. I am enjoying taking my time.
This week I was at the shop every night after my husband got home, to sort and clean out the shop. This is a big job!
The second reason I am closing mid July is probably selfish but I don't love being at the shop when it doesn't look like my shop anymore. I haven't bought smalls for the last 6 weeks and I haven't kept up the painting pace I normally do, so 1/3 of the shop is sold and it is hard for me to be there. And some people have been really supportive about me leaving and some have taken me closing personally. Even though I have tried to announce I am closing pretty close to every other day in store or on various social media outlets. I have had several mad voicemails this month about me not being open during the week. This is hard for me, so I moved things up. I think I am ready to move on.
I am excited to pull back on being a shop owner. Co-owning Clementine Home with Amanda is perfect for me. I get to still paint and buy for a shop but the duties of a shop owner are split between us. And we have had a wonderful working relationship the last 3 years.
During this process I have talked to so many of my shop owner friends. I came to the conclusion a few months ago that being THE only owner of a shop doesn't fit my personality. I can do the work. I know how to hustle to buy, paint, merchandise and run the store. I might have a hard time pulling back on this part. But I am not meant to sit in a store day after day. I am not good at being "the boss", I always want to be "the friend". I have a hard time separating the two and this gets me into trouble when I have to make business decisions. And truth be told I couldn't afford to hire someone to fully run the shop for me. I am way to sensitive of a person and by the end of the week I was wiped out emotionally. People in the service industry would understand that feeling. It is even harder when you are the owner and make 80% of your inventory. It would sting when daily criticism would come at me. I am much more inclined to be behind the scenes, head down and doing my thing.
I have met SOO many wonderful customers though the last 5 years, and SOO many of you have emailed me or come into the shop the last few weeks to show support for my decision. I am excited to work more one on one with these customers doing custom and design work. My August is almost already booked up with design and staging jobs. I love it!
I wanted to give you guys a few other details about this last weekend at the shop. All sales are final, no returns or exchanges. If you have a gift certificate at MCC, you can use it at Clementine Home on my merchandise. There are only a few of you out there. I have only sold one in the last 4 months. I slowly stopped selling them after the holidays because I only had a few on hand. If you come this weekend, it might be busy so I might not get to say hi to everyone. But I want to say thank you for the last 5 years. And here's to many more at Clementine Home!
I can't wait to have more balance. I can't wait to blog more!
And next month my big thing is to get my studio space ready for appointments and special events. I will definitely post before and after pictures.
Love you guys-  Alison