Friday, July 29, 2016

k i n d r e d
I don't have this blog post planned out. I am winging it, but come along for the ride!
I was thinking about this just a few minutes ago after I got off a text business meeting with Amanda. We literally planned out a mini collection and what we were going to paint for Clementine Home next week within 5 texts and we both were on the same page before we even texted back. Last night we had an on sight meeting for our next stage, we will do next week, and the same thing. We went back to the store and mapped out the stage together in 20 minutes tops.
This is kindred business.
  1. 1.
    similar in kind; related.
    "books on kindred subjects"

    synonyms:related, allied, connected, comparable, similar, like, parallel, associated, analogous
    "industrial relations and kindred subjects"

Let me say, this is rare, doesn't happen often. Kind of like meeting your perfect mate but in this case we are shop mates, painter friends, staging buddies, mom therapists.
I wanted to write this because I often get emails asking about how I do things, who I choose to work with, how my business is structured. And I have done it all different ways trying to figure out what is best for me. I have been on my own and I have worked with 3 other co-owners of a shop.
I will say ( and this is a big FOR ME, not for everyone). I will only work by myself or with a kindred.
And to know if someone is a kindred you need to work with them for a long time. It is like dating. Amanda and I worked for 2 1/2 years together on projects and in stores before opening Clementine Home together. And we have both worked and owned shops before so it wasn't new to either of us. When it isn't new- a lot of the fear, posturing, and shop politics go out the window. Each person can hold their own and this kind of  kindredness is wonderful.