Monday, June 2, 2014

n e w   s h o p

Ok, what a strange week I had last week.
First off I have to say I was super sick. Bad sinus infection.
It was weeks of me feeling really, really run down and sick but I had no time to take care of myself.
I kept thinking it was going to go away. I have so much going on in my life right now being sick had to go on the back burner.
I sort of didn't have anyone able to work Poppy and Co during my sick days so if you came and saw me there I am so sorry if I looked worn out.
Yesterday was the first day I could get to the doctor. I got there and almost fell asleep on the paper bed thingy in the room.
I got my antibiotics and I am feeling much-much-much better.
But the doctor told me I looked way too stressed out. I have a lot going on right now.
Ugh. Growth means saying goodbye to people and experiences. I am going through that right now. It is really tough and I am trying really hard to focus on all the good going on. I hate disappointing people.
I am also trying hard to focus on myself and my family.
If there is one thing I have learned in the last year it is that the only people I should have depend on me for their well being and happiness are my husband and kids. The rest are going to be somehow disappointed in me at some point. I try so hard to do my best.

 I will never ever put myself in a situation where someone's hopes and dreams depend on me. Ever again. It is so much pressure I will never live up to. No one can.I don't have the capacity to. Except my family. I have two little kids that depend on me to help them grow to realize their dreams and that is enough for me.
The new shop is a chance to really make my dreams come true and it came out of the blue.
Let me back track.
My family and I go to a restaurant down the hill from my house often. Two months ago I looked right at the shop by the restaurant and told my daughter. That is my dream shop.
Fast forward two months.
The dream shop is for rent. I call and call on it. Just to hear all the details on it! I get a call back, see it that day, talk to my husband and he says go for it!
It was also the talk of do it for you this time. Do it for us this time. Make it The Modern Cottage Company again.
So the shop will be The Modern Cottage Company again.  It was two years of me balancing the painting under MCC but working-promoting Poppy.
The new shop will be a lot more Modern Cottage Company looking that Poppy and Co was.
It is also a bit smaller so I will have a really small team.
I wish I could take the whole store of people but there is just not room.
This is the really hard part for me and the part that I think has made me feel even sicker the last few days. A shadow over all this.
Absolutely the reason my doctor told me I looked like a stress case.
I know and love the ladies coming with me so well and I think you know and love them too.
Amanda of Ferpie and Fray will be painting furniture with me. Her style is so signature to her yet marries so well with my MCC painting. I love her passion and positivity. This lady is up for anything and I have never heard her complain about anyone or anything. Her approach to her work is so very similar to mine, really almost exactly like mine. We sort of "get each other". If that makes any sense. It does to her and me. Plus she is so flipping fun to be with. Her husband is just as crazy talented as she is. I think she might just be as excited about the new shop as I am!

Mimi of Blue Roof Cabin will be our upholstery master and she just builds and paints the coolest things. I adore this lady. Such a talent, brilliant she is! She is my dear friend and I just love it when she comes and hangs out at the shop with me. I would have her with me there everyday but she might think that is you Michelle. She is smart as a whip and so fun to be with. She is such an amazing everything. Love that lady.

And my dear, dear friend Devon of Bride on a Bike. She was the very first person with me at the first Modern Cottage store. I rely on her for support probably more that she wants. But I SO respect her. Plus she is an amazing talent. This lady can craft up anything, paint like a pro, and pretty much the best picker of anything cool I know. Devon if you are reading this I love you so much! Thank you for continuing this crazy ride with me after all these years.

Going from big to small is so hard. I actually love and hate it at the same time.
It kind of twists my tummy up.
But I have to simply my life and business right now.
 Growth is hard. I do know that Poppy and the other girls there will be a smashing success. I know so and hope so.
A new shop is super exciting so I am focusing on that.
So from here on out only happy happy happy posts from me.
Yay for new chapters.
 I move into the new shop mid July and hope to have the grand opening the third weekend of July. All the details will be documented on this blog.  It is so good to be back to The Modern Cottage Company.