Wednesday, May 21, 2014

c r e a t i v e    t y p e
I might totally be writing this for my own benefit, so bare with me.
I have two kids that fall into the creative type category.
Not surprising because both my husband and myself would fall into that category.
It can make for a really fun household and a crazy one.
I have been exploring this personality type lately. Really only in relation to my own family but it is helping me learn more about myself.
I also think as I am approaching the big 4-0, well in a few years, I care less of what people think of me other than the people I love. So it is interesting for me to figure out what makes me tick and what makes them tick.  
I have always been creative.
I started out a bit nutty.
My mom said when I was two I would change my clothes 20 times a day.
Now I change my house 20 times a year. But it is sort of my job so it is ok :)?!
I tend to keep my circle small. I like my quiet. I like to be with people I can totally trust.
Once trust with me is broken, it is hard for me to recover the relationship.
I am both introvert and extrovert.
I can sit and talk to you for hours but I equally love being by myself.
I only create in quiet. I like to paint by myself.
I also love to just be silly and goofy- and totally myself without care.

I am super independent, I don't like to be told what to do.
I equally don't care to be around both needy/manipulative people or people with a big egos. I think I can pick up either personality type almost instantaneously. I stay far away.
Because I like do anything I am going to do to my very best, I don't take on too much at once. I actually get very stressed if I have too much on my plate. I have become very good at saying no.
I am a big feeler. If you confide in me a problem I am probably going to think about it all day. I am learning my boundaries with this.
People can think I am hot and cold. Sometimes I am cold because I have too much going on and it is my coping mechanism. It has nothing to do with you. 
I am learning all my imperfections. Loving them, learning about them.
I will always try to be a better me. But I will always be me.
As I navigate my kids and their personalities I think it is good lesson for us to embrace our creative personalities.
Some people might not get us but that is ok.