Wednesday, May 28, 2014

b l o g g i t y b l o g
I should blog more, I am trying to blog more.
Time and resources are the reason it is hard for me to blog.
For the longest time I had my computer at the store thinking I could do things like upload pictures, edit pictures, write posts all while working at the store.
Um, well that didn't happen. Even on a slowish day at the store I have a million things to do.
So I brought my computer back home thinking I would blog more but when I am here I am mom.
Not a blogger.
Right now it is a bit quiet at home. Saint will be home a bit late tonight-he is working on a last minute edit for Evening Magazine and the kids are almost out of school so there isn't much homework going on here these days {um, thank goodness!}
So I thought I would bloggityblog!
The store is pretty stocked, I actually have back stock painted to bring in {this NEVER happens, yay me!-has never happened in 3 years :)}. So I kind of puttered around at home the last two days. I painted, hung things, rearranged rooms, got my hair done today {oh honey, it was bad}.
If you follow me on Instagram you saw this picture of me last week trying to deal with my bad hair.
So I decorated my house. It will for sure change next month but that is why I have the job I do!
I got a new rest post box!

I added touches of red.

And I hung a salvaged window as a divider today {I know it still needs cleaning-I will get to that, um sometime today?}.
I am in a dream state of mind right now. I want to grow {except for my butt, that needs to shrink I think}, be happy {I am happy but be more in the moment?}, and dig deep right now.
The summer can be magical. I am excited for it.
Let's dream.
Maybe I will bloggityblog about it.