Wednesday, August 21, 2013

 n e s t i n g
I haven't painted a piece of furniture for the store in 3 weeks. Eek!
I have some really cool pieces in the studio begging for me to paint them.
I have been nesting at home.
{well, and working at the store-and filming a tv segment-and doing meetings for a magazine article coming up}

{both photos for tv segment}

I haven't been painting for the store several reasons.
*I brought in some gorgeous wood pieces instead of painted ones. They were so pretty I couldn't paint them.
*My hand is in a cast. Boog. It isn't easy to paint with one hand and with all the dust involved in painting a piece my cast is getting gross. I feel like I am wearing 8 wool mittens over my hand. I am uncomfortable. I can't move fast or haul things like normal. So I can forget the staging. And I don't like to paint a piece if I can't stage it right. I am weird that way.
*My kids are still home for the summer. For some reason painting and decorating for my house doesn't feel the same as painting for the store on my kid's time. I feel super guilty about painting pieces while I am watching them. I know, I know. It is my job. I have a lot of overhead so I DO have to get some work done.
*Painting involves going to buy paint. My kids hate going to the paint store and I dread taking them.
*I am in the-I will get it all done when my kids go back to school-I will get back on the horse and work like a crazy woman mode. And you know what-I will. That is what I do.
*We have had my parents here off and on staying with us. They sold their house and are moving to Washington this month. It has been a good distraction.
So I am nesting. I am making my house pretty. I am always focusing on the store and now I am focusing on my kids, husband, house.

{Ah, look at the cute kitties! They are always with me}
So, maybe I will paint next week. Or not.
Guess what? I don't feel bad about it.