Tuesday, March 5, 2013

m c c   s t a l k s   t h e   m l s 

Before we get to the beautiful home I am featuring today I have to tease you a bit. I have been MIA for a couple reasons. 

Some boring. 
I have been catching up on bookkeeping, painting for the shop, working in the shop, and preparing for two upcoming shows.

A few more interesting. 

Hmmm... how do I tease this? Let me just say the number one question I get emailed is..." I love your style, I am afraid of color. Will you help me design my home?"
Details coming soon!!!! Really, I promise. I have been working really hard on this. It will happen.

Enough teasing, let's get back to the listing.

This home is probably staged but who cares, it is amazing right?!
Find the listing here.

Ok, so my favorite room is the little girls room. The painted canopy ceiling is darling!!!

Lastly, I have to say sorry if you have tried to comment on my blog and are not able to. I had to tighten up my settings recently due to so many spam comments not being filtered out and showing up on posts. I am doing this for the protection of my readers. I don't want you to click on a spam comment and have it affect you in a negative way. I am hoping that soon I can loosen up my settings but for now I am trying to protect us all!