Tuesday, October 2, 2012

p r e t t y   f a l l   p e t i t e  b u f f e t

I bought this buffet when on a fun shopping trip with my friend Kathy. I knew immediately I wanted to paint it a fun color. I had green glass knobs already and I figured I hadn't painted anything green for the shop in a while so why not green?

I dry brushed the green paint on, then went back with a damp sanding block after the paint dried and took more paint off. 

I then sealed with three coats of clear wax, buffing in between coats.

Such a pretty lady, look at her legs!

Tomorrow I am painting this great desk/console table. It didn't come with a top so I bought an antique window to place on top. The window fits perfectly.

I have great hopes that it will turn out lovely. Stay tuned!