Sunday, September 30, 2012

p h o t o    d i s p l a y

I am sure there is a better description for this but my kids are in the next room playing loudly so I can't think, so I am just going to call it a photo display. I should send them into the backyard since it is such a pretty day.

I bought this antique molding from a salvage store last week {I bought a ton of stuff, can't wait to show you}. My first instinct was to put hooks on it for a coat rack but the scale of the molding is small so I figured I would use some antique clothes pins that my friend Kathy got me.

I dry brushed the paint right over the pretty wood {walnut maybe?} then went back over with sanding block and took even more paint off after the paint had dried.

I laid my pins on the molding then took my hot glue gun and glued them right onto the board.
If you intend to use it as a display for something heavier than paper you could nail the pins in.

Isn't it cute? It would be a great way to display artwork, photos, or holiday cards.

I think it would be darling hanging in a window or over a bed.

This one is coming to the store with me this week!