Monday, July 16, 2012

c h i p b o a r d   b u n t i n g,  v i n t a g e   p a r i s   m a p
a n d 
 m e r r i   h e l p e d  m e   w i t h    m y   c a m e r a 

I have been wanting to do a Modern Cottage Stalks the MLS post for a while but I just haven't found a house worthy, I hope I can find one for you this week.

I had a couple people email me about how I do my paper punting. Basically I get chipboard that is either already cut out into a scallop or I cut chipboard out into a scallop shape. I then trace paper around the chipboard and cut it out. I glue the paper on with rubber cement, cut two holes on top of the bunting and then weave a ribbon through the two holes. Easy, this is the best way I have found to make bunting.

Have you noticed my pictures look better! I know I explained in my last post that my space in the new shop is much darker than the last shop but Merri from Nest did something magical and fixed my camera {thanks friend}

I am working on a ton of stuff to bring to the new store.

Last week I sold some remnants of a vintage Paris map I have, framed in a pretty blue.
I sold all but one of these so I am making 7 more to bring in to sell this week.

Today I finished three small tables, a dresser and a coffee table/bench. They all still need to be waxed but I will have them in the shop by Thursday.

I am also painting a buffet just like the red one shown above, a pretty distressed white {and I might have a buyer for it already}.

I will have pictures of the buffet later this week.