Friday, June 15, 2012

 s h o p   n e w s 

This weekend is the last weekend our shop will be open in it's current location-we are moving just a block away into a more polished space. We are all really excited about the move and I can't wait to show you pictures of the new place in the next few weeks.

We decided on a name for the new store.
Poppy and Co.

Great right? We wanted something memorable and fun.
I think we accomplished that with this name. Don't worry, there is still a Modern Cottage Company-I am now just one of the vendors in Poppy and Co. 
I like this better-now I am not "the boss".
As Poppy and Co, the store vendors maintain their own individual stores but we come together under the Poppy and Co to make decisions about the store as a whole and this will be our business name when we sell new merchandise {more on this later}.

I thought I would show the last pictures of my space as it is today-and will be dismantled next week.
Kind of sad-kind of exciting.

I am spending the next week organizing my books {so fun!} and painting four dressers! At least two are dressers going white {the two wood dressers pictured above are being painted white}.
I want my new space to be white, bright, and summery.

Did I tell you I am sharing my new store space with Devon? We  have some fun plans for our new shop.
I am dying to show you!
And here begins the new era of Poppy and Co.
{again don't worry The Modern Cottage Company is still here}