Thursday, May 17, 2012

n e w     s h o p     p h o t o s
a    d e s k   r e v e a l 
{and a pity party}

I wanted to start out with  some new pictures of the shop. I worked 12 hours yesterday with some of the other shop girls making the space bigger.

First we will start out with my store front. 
I added the canopy and potted plants.

Another view-do you see that desk? Do you want to see more of the desk?

I painted it a light blue grey, but kept the wood drawers. 

It is in the shop now!

Here is a look at the walkway of the market. Those cool bikes once belonged to Devon now they belong to Katy {our friend from The Classic Farmhouse}. I love it when she stops by our shop.

Here is a look at Crystal's store.

Kennesha's store.

Devon's store.

Erin's store.

Merri's store.

And last but not least, Holly's store!

Keep in mind I can't answer questions about the other shops besides my own, so head over to their blogs to find their contact information. Some of them ship {not me unfortunately :(}!

Now to my pity party. 
I am sort of embarrassed even bringing this up, but this morning was rough. 
Let me just say it is hard being a mom. I have been a stay at home mom, a work away from home mom, and now a mom that works out of her house and owns a store mom.
It is all hard.
Some people think that because I work out of my home and control my hours I don't work. 
Or that  because I do something creative it isn't work. 
It is. I am hard on myself. I have the most amazing partners in the store and great customers, but there are times when we have difficult customers.
I lug furniture around all day. I always have paint on me and I am usually dirty and sweaty {on the non-working at the shop days}.
I work hard. I work six days a week and I am hard boss.
I don't get paid sick or vacation time.
My house is a mess, I haven't done laundry in a week, and my car looks like I live out of it.
I get to take my kids and pick them up from school everyday.
They get to come visit me at the shop on Saturdays.
I get to be creative. Did I say I get to be creative? I mean I can do whatever I want and I LOVE that!
I have met the most amazing clients that have become friends.
My husband is my number one fan.
I couldn't ask for better shop partners. I adore them and they inspire me so much.
Today I had a pity party for myself in my car after I dropped off my kids at school. You see, I was up late with the kids at the store helping the other girls in their spaces. So I had to get up at 530am this morning and get my son's science project ready. Then get the kids up for school and I couldn't find clean uniform shirts. Then Cooper couldn't find his shoes and Camden had a dirty face {not sure why since she had just taken a bath}. We scrambled out the door and I dropped them off at school after explaining to the teacher what Cooper's really bad science experiment was.
I cried in the car-total pity party. 
I have so much pressure on me right now and I know it is self inflicted.

So I spent the day with the girls at the shop and I feel better now.
But just know-I am far from perfect and now and then a good pity party is in order.