Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a   n e w   e n t r a n c e 

I had a hectic and fun weekend. Along with Mother's Day, it was my son Cooper's 7th birthday. 
The store has been busy! I am so thankful for the many customers that keep coming back to see us week after week. 
We continue to get bigger and every week there are SO many new items added.

Yesterday I woke up with an idea to make my area in the store a "mini store". 
To create this, I wanted to add a definite entrance to my store.
I pretty much had all of the supplies I needed to create a new entrance. Four doors {two hinged together} a long board, a small cabinet door, and paper for the scallops.

I hinged two doors together, nailed a board attaching the two forward facing doors, hung the sign from the board, and then added my scallops. 
Easy peasy!!! The whole thing took me less than an hour to put together.

I plan on adding a fabric canopy from the ceiling attached to the new store front-maybe sometime this month.

Yesterday I hung a sign Merri made, from an old ladder. This marks the entrance to the rest of the vintage market where the other mini stores are.

I am on a roll this week. I painted a desk {and it turned out stunning} yesterday, and now I am working on a white dining table and three mirrors. I might also get some pillows sewn but I will see how much time I have to get it all done before my shift at the store on Thursday.

Look out for my post sometime later this week on the new desk I painted.