Friday, April 13, 2012

f e e l i n g    i n s p i r e d

Do you ever feel really inspired and full of energy but have no time to get your projects even started?
This is exactly how I felt this week. As you know I am coming off several weeks of being sick with pneumonia and I am finally starting to feel better but I really didn't have time to paint much of anything for the store this week {or projects for my home}.

I am almost finished with my new coffee table, it just needs a final coat of wax.

 I haven't decided if the vintage suit cases are going to stay at home with me or go to the store.

I did manage to bring in a couple new items to the store.
-new white sofa table
-new garden finial
-vintage window 
There is my black shelf from my family room! It finally made it's way off my front porch and into the shop.

 Today I hung a map that I have had for a while and I never got around to hanging it in the store.

I plan on bringing this sweet side table and vintage stool to the store with me tomorrow. I haven't decided if I am going to paint the table yet. I will bring it with me unpainted tomorrow and see if it sells.

I am running out of room to store my furniture projects. I got the black shelf down to the store but now I have this buffet sitting on my porch!
I plan on painting it a soft yellow, with a dark wax, and black and white knobs.
Stay tuned for the after!

It feels good to be inspired. Now hopefully I can complete some projects. Get them off my porch and into the shop!

Ps-Thanks for sticking by me and coming back to the blog while I have been sick and a bit MIA :)