Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4   w a y s   t o   u s e   a   v i n t a g e    g l a s s    l i g h t    s h a d e

I always come across really cool vintage glass light shades. They are usually a buck or two and last week up I bought a few to take to the store and put candles in.

I thought, there have to be more uses for these glass shades. 

 It makes a beautiful planter. I put rocks on the very bottom for drainage.

How about a candle holder?

 Maybe add water and float flowers?
And it makes  a pretty fruit bowl
{you mush wash, wash, wash first!}

So next time you are out thrifting, take a look and see if they have any of these cuties. I have seen hundreds of styles.
Next time I am down at the store I will take a picture of the nautical one I have on the front counter.

So far this week is productive. Boy, I hope it stays that way. It feels good to get things done.