Friday, March 9, 2012

t h i s    w e e k   i n    t h e    s h o p

I only have a few new items in the shop this week. I did a lot of buying and even more time with my kids so I have a long 'to do list' for next week. 

The store is at least four times bigger than it was when I opened a month ago. Tonight I am meeting the other girls {except Kennesha-but we spent the day together} at the shop to do some transforming of the space. We are creating mini shops within the big space. Not everything will be done tonight, but over the next few weeks. It is sort of the theme of my week. I have so much to do and I have started over ten projects but I haven't finished much.

I might shoot some pictures of the store tonight to share with you tomorrow. Actually, you should just come to the store and check it out yourself!!!
 311 S 7th Tacoma WA 98402
noon-four pm