Wednesday, March 7, 2012

m o d e r n   c o t t a g e    s t a l k s    t h e    m l s

This is my new title, instead of Favorite House Friday.  I like it because I can do a weekly mls listing but I am not stuck with doing it on a specific day of the week. Plus, I really do stalk the mls.

This week started off with major productivity for me and it came to a totally halt yesterday. My kids have half days at school because of teacher conferences so my painting has been put on the backburner. Yesterday I spent all morning cleaning my house while they were in school. And when I say cleaning I mean not the deep down cleaning like I really need to do but laundry, hanging up clothes that were all over the house, and sitting down to pay bills. With the shop I have been working six days a week and it is showing my homekeeping. I try not to work on Sundays, keep it for my family time {even though I did sneak some painting last Sunday}. So if you email me on a Sunday I probably won't get back to you until Monday morning. I am trying to maintain balance, if I don't, I am going get some major burnout.

This morning I spent treasure hunting for the store. I didn't have any luck at the thrift stores {I rarely do} but I hit up an antique store I hadn't been to in a while and got a fantastic farmhouse table {or desk}, a picture, some sort of antique drying rack, and a large mirror. They will all be painted green. I might work on them tomorrow.

I hung my embroidery hoop art from the drying rack {or whatever this thing is-if you know shout it out} from my family room window but I will take it to the shop tomorrow.

{sorry I didn't remove my laptop before taking the photo, but this is where I am typing this post right now!} 

Ok, lets get to the mls listing of the week {enough shop talk!}

I also run across a ton of houses on the mls that  I love the exterior, but not necessarily the interior.

Here are some of my favorites, all are new on the market this week.


  1. Oh, I have some serious love of that hoop art "thing" you have hanging in the window. You've given me some fun inspiration for the evening.(And I wish I lived closer to your shop:))

  2. Love it! I stalked my MLS looking for something pretty and there is NOTHING! Our realtors take the WORST pictures!

  3. I kept noticing how high the mirrors were in the stalk mls photos, lol. They must be a VERY tall family, ha. ALways love these posts :)

  4. Ah yes, I like to stalk the MLS too! My husband will often bust me and get scared that I'm thinking about moving. ha ha.

  5. Great eye candy in the interior of that home! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  6. What a house! Love that open living room, and it proves, as I blogged about this week, that wood trim can be stylish!

  7. I have stalked the MLS where I live to gather ideas. I thought I was the only weirdo who did that. :o)


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