Friday, March 2, 2012

n e w   i n   t h e    s h o p

Considering both my daughter and I were sick half the week I am surprised I got anything done to add to the store this week. 

The store is getting bigger, I moved the wall of doors back 10 feet and after more vendors move in tomorrow I might have to move it back more before I open at noon.

An overview of the new layout.
{the black and white tall boy dresser is not for sale-it is a custom piece I painted-it is beautiful and I know someone is going to email me asking about it}

New chair, side table, lamp

Blue dresser now in the shop, and red side table with vintage locker baseket included.

My new open sign!

                Kids play area, kids play while moms shop and chat {kids still need to be supervised}
I always want to shop with my kids but they are always getting into things and I can't relax! So I figured we would solve this by dedicating a place for the little ones.

I made a sitting area {everything is for sale though} and brought in magazines so come stay a while!
{I might even bring in coffee and Devon might bring in cupcakes}

Fun accent table with castors, very cool.

My new favorite in the shop, smokey grey side table, with drawer.

This is actually bigger than it looks in the picture.

Tangerine chair, the color of the year! The pillow is sold separately but works so well with the orange.

Farmhouse coffee table painted a soft blue-grey then distressed and map added to the drawer.

Small black bench, I plan on sewing a pad for the top.

I brought in my green desk from my house, now for sale! It would be a cute entry or sofa table.

Super cute green rocker and plenty of globes!

Devon from is bringing some super cute side tables{I love them} so hop over to her blog and see what she will have for sale at the store.

Erin from will be there as well so go check out her inventory.

Basically we are going to be have some good girltime at the shop tomorrow so grab a coffee and come hangout with us!