Friday, March 16, 2012

f r i d a y   w r a p u p

Sorry for my lack of post this week. It is for two reasons. 
First being, I have been working my tail off to restock the store. Last Saturday I thought I was going to have a slow day at the store but ended up selling a lot of my inventory. So this week I scrambled to shop, paint, restock.

The second reason I have been neglecting the blog is this, I have bronchitis. I found out this morning.
I have been working so hard that I really ignored the bad cold that I had a few weeks ago was getting worse and at night I had no energy, coughing a lot, and chest pain. I got some meds so I should be on the mend soon.

Want to see what I put in the shop today?

The coolest thing that was added this week was a new checkout counter. Kennesha spotted this on Craigslist. I got a great deal on it and they delivered it. With me and four other mini vintage shops in the same space , the little green table was too small for all of us to check everyone out at the same time.

Green farmhouse table $175
Yellow bench $50

I am over at Oak Ridge Revival today talking about how I made this tray table {$145}.

I made a screen out of two doors from a vintage canning shelf, painted them with chalkboard paint and attempted some art :). My son thinks my bird {in the nest-look closely} looks like a duck and he is right.

Blue desk is in the shop and now for sale $155

A few new knick knacks.

I am finishing up a couple more chairs to bring tomorrow. Tonight I am headed over to Erin's for a girl's dinner party with Devon. Devon is coming over to my house first so I probably should get to cleaning my messy nest.

Shop open tomorrow noon to four.