Thursday, February 9, 2012

t h e    f a m i l y    r o o m

I have had numerous emails in the past few weeks from people asking questions about my family room.
This room is absolutely my favorite room in my house, and the most redecorated. As a family, we spend 90% of our time in this room.

Recently I swapped out the leather couches with my white slip-covered couches that were in the living room. What I really wanted was to get rid of the leather couches and get a white slip-covered sectional. But my husband vetoed that and well, he never gives me an opinion on the decorating for our home, so we are keeping the leather couches.  

The big reason for the couch swap was comfort. The leather couches are just not comfortable and this is our tv room. The kids were always fighting to sit in the one white chair. Now I have to say I am pretty sure that I will have to wash the covers more often now that they are in this room but I am fine with that.

I added a bench to the art table.

This bench can be pulled out to sit on or use as a side table when you are sitting on the couch.

Camden made a family portrait of us. She made my hair orange with a weird bun-like thing coming off the side. I am not sure where she came up with that because my hair is blond {umm fake blond} and I don't usually have a bun on the side of my head :)

I love the picture anyway.
One more thing, the door is nailed shut. You can't open it, so I went ahead and decorated the door.
 {of course I did!}

I sort of want to paint the black shelf white, but shoot, I don't really have the time.

Cooper got a half a shelf to display is Legos. I will give him as many shelves as he wants as he completes more of his creations.  
I am also  hoping to paint two additional globes with chalkboard paint, one of these days.

I had this green desk in my studio for months. I had planned on selling it at the store but the drawers swelled up from the moisture in the studio and now you can't open them. It makes a cute art table though! A little wax and sanding and the drawers should open fine, but now I sort of want to keep the cutie!

I know I redecorate my home all of the time, it is my hobby and what I love to do. Truly, I am happy with the way I have it now {aside from a wish list of expensive items that I don't think we will be buying} and I don't have much time these days to redecorate while having my store.
I will still continue to show you fun projects around my home as I complete them.

A couple other things about this room.
*The wall color is Willows Gold from Dutch Boy {I love this yellow-gold}
*I make most of my pillows, with the exception of the blue striped, those are from TJ Max
*Couches are from Ikea, they are Ektorp and we have had them for 8 years. I replace the covers once a year.

That is all I can think of about this room, my favorite room.