Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i t    h a s   b e e n   a   w h i l e

The last few months have been a busy blur. I have been busy with the holidays, vacation,
then getting the store ready for me to move into and then getting settled in to the store. I realized tonight, as I typed a blog post draft of a guest post I am doing, that I haven't shared a before and after in a while on this blog. I miss it and I promise to be better about sharing them with you from now on.

I bought this dresser for the shop and I had it in the back studio waiting for me to work on it when a couple came in looking for a changing table. I had just sold my only wide dresser the day before but I thought I would show them what I had in my studio waiting for a makeover. Thank goodness they could see past the rough state that it was in before I got started.

They chose the blue-grey for this dresser from one I had in the shop {see below-and I sold it last weekend}. I originally found this color when using it as a spray paint for some smaller projects {lamps, frames, ect.}. I had the hardware store match the color for me in a latex satin so I could have a whole gallon in the studio for mulitple projects.
{Winter Grey, Rustoleum source}
{the dresser with the tulips on it is the same color as the dresser I am making over}
I guess I should stop here and talk about my opinion on spray paint. This is sort of a taboo topic for furniture painters. We are not supposed to use spray paint, but I do-sometimes. Honestly for small projects {like chairs, lamps, frames} it doesn't always make sense to buy an expensive gallon or even a quart of paint and if you find a spray paint color you like I say go for it. So, I use it rarely, but I do use it. It is smelly {so I wear a mask} and leaves dust everywhere {so I have drop cloths down}. I also feel that if you use a spray paint on furniture it is a good idea to seal it just like you would a latex paint. I like to use a wipe on poly in satin or gloss depending on the project. So there is my take on spray paint, use it on furniture but don't tell anybody- kidding.

Ok back to my makeover. I didn't prime the piece. I used a deglosser with a rag, sanded the rough edges and painted on thee coats of paint {sanding between coats with a fine grit paper}. I finished it with a wipe on poly and put the original knobs back on.

Oh, shoot I forgot to mention about how I dealt with the peeling veneer situation. I took a hot iron and placed it on the drawer front, heated up the veener and then used a paint scrapper to pull up all of the peeling veneer.This took hours and I got a blister but in the end the dresser fronts were veneer free and ready for paint.

I still have a half a gallon of this paint so I am sure that you will be seeing this color on a few more of my makeovers soon.

I thought I should mention as I am typing this I am sitting in bed with Cooper. Hmm... he might be a sleep now so I can probably sneek out of his room. We are on day two of operation Get Cooper Back To Sleeping In His Own Bed. He has been falling alseep in bed with me and Saint while we watch tv at night but this wasn't working out for any of us. So he is now back in his own bed but I have to lay down with him for 20 minutes until he falls asleep, oh well.

Hmm..what else is going on....

I haven't been eating well or exersising. I either get so busy during the day I don't eat or I grab something not healthy for me. My skin looks terrible and I feel out of shape and bloated {TMI?}. So the last two days I fit in 45 minutes of running, got myself some teethwhitening strips at the store, and I am trying to wear something other than yoga pants {and all of my yoga pants have paint stains} for the rest of the week. Basically I needed to give myself a style intervention, I am working on it. While I am at it I probably should get my roots done soon.

Maybe I should do a before and after for the blog on my style intervention, that might just keep me motivated. What do you think?

I am linking up! It has been a while...miss those linky parties.