Wednesday, February 29, 2012

 o n e   d r e s s e r,   t w o   l o o k s 

I had this dresser for a while, it spent a good deal of time in my master bedroom with my clothes and it was painted white. 

When I bought my larger double bow front dresser earlier this fall, I brought this dresser down to the basement until I could get some inspiration for what it could be.

I had some left over navy blue paint from a clients dresser, so I painted on two coats just to see if I would like it.
I go so busy doing other things that the dresser sat unfinished in my basement for a couple months. 

Today I had time to put the final coat on {I was home with a sick kiddo- she caught my bug}. I added the glass door knobs just because a month ago I bought a whole box of these and I need to use them up.

I thought I would show you too looks for this piece.

One dressed up for you.

And one dressed up for a little boy. Wouldn't this be a great changing table?

I finished painting the little red end table and added a vintage locker basket. Both the dresser and table {with locker basket} will be taken to the shop tomorrow.


  1. Very nice. I wished I lived near you and could visit the shop!

  2. The dresser looks great. Love the color and the knobs.

  3. Those knobs are gorgeous and of course that dresser is also! Where did you get them if you dont mind me asking?


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