Friday, February 3, 2012

 a   c o u p l e   n e w   t h i n g s   i n    t h e   s h o p

Today I had a productive day, thank goodness. Plus it is amazingly beautiful outside, the sun is shining and it feels like spring. One downer though, I got paint on my favorite pair of jeans. I am usually so good about not dripping on myself. Any tricks to getting paint out? I always joke with my friend Molly that I need to get a big doctors coat to have in the studio so I can still wear cute clothes but cover them with my "furniture  doctors coat".  This might be weird, maybe this is only funny to me.

Anyway, back to the store.
I sold a dresser today but I also added in a new one. The color is a very light grey almost white. It is the same color that I am doing a couple custom pieces on this week. I will need to get back to you with the exact color {I can't remember} but it is a Martha Stewart paint. I still need to wax it, but it should be ready to go tomorrow.

At one point today I had five people in my shop today. A client and my shop neighbor and her friends and it felt really cramped, so I opened up the shop a bit and made it bigger. Now there is more room to mingle. 

I will be at the shop early tomorrow doing last minute touchups and tagging more inventory.
And if you come visit me tomorrow {and I hope you do!} be kind, I am winging this shop girl thing!