Saturday, January 14, 2012

i ' m    h o m e
{and someone left me a surprise on my porch!}

I am back from our 5 day family vacation in California and it was fantastic. This was our first family vacation where  we weren't visiting family or on other people's schedules. It was great. 

I couldn't have made it through the whole trip without these shoes. I wore them almost everyday. 
{I bought them here  and they are Coach and cost me around $15 and they were new, I totally scored}
I spend so much time in yoga pants and sweats at home and while working. I tried to step it up a notch on vacation and be comfy and cute at the same time.

Last night as we were lugging our bags up our front porch I stumbled upon these cuties! Someone left these fun kid size adirondack chairs {for the shop-but still!}. I adore these chairs, and I can't wait to find out who left them {I have a feeling I know who}.

This weekend I am going to prime and paint a sleeping nook in my daughters room with chalk board paint {pictures coming soon if I actually complete the task}.

Monday I get the keys to the new store and start moving in. It might be a slow move in. The kids don't have school until Wednesday and there is snow in the forecast. I am really hoping for no snow so I can get the shop organized in the next two weeks and open soon!