Wednesday, December 21, 2011

l o v e   o r    h a t e   i t

I was searching for a fhf house today and I came across this listing. I was about to pass by it because, well, you can see from the pictures that it is a bit eccentric, eclectic, wacky. I kept coming back to this house and wanting to look at the pictures again. 

Look past some of the wackiness and there are some real jewels in this home.

First of all, I love the outside, so traditional. If I was bold enough I would paint our house all white.
{It would be hard for me to convince Saint to paint the house white}

Then you step into the foyer.

The mix of traditional, with modern, and primitives....fantastic.
Cool wallpaper too.

There are so many elements going on here. But it you took out some the furniture {just not my thing, except maybe the console table and chaise, I could work with those} and just looked at the color palette, I could move in.

 This is my favorite room in the house {or maybe the entryway is....I can't decide}

Not much to discuss in the kitchen. I have to say I hate the bistro table as an island, it looks like it came out of Pizza Hut {sorry!}

Pretty much the only thing I like in this room is the couch and chair. Oh, and the windows, great windows.

 Bonus to this home...there is a large garden, a barn, and a carriage house.

So what do you think? Love it or hate it? Look at the pictures again. I will be moving in and decorating this house in my head all day.