Tuesday, December 20, 2011

d i c t i o n a r y   a r t
{and a modern cottage dollhouse}

I spent the weekend playing in the yard with my kids and doing a little weeding/leaf pickup {unusually sunny here Saturday}. Sunday was the children's Christmas program at church and I spend the rest of Sunday at my art table in the kitchen trying to finish up some smaller projects I want to go into the shop.

Did you know that pretty much everything in my shop will be painted by me, made by me, or upholstered by me. It is a lot of work. I am doing a full time job getting ready, in a few short hours a day while the kids are in school, during the busiest season of the year. Oh, and today is the last day the kids will be in school, so I might be taking a bit of a break. I am now accepting that when I officially open shop in mid-January it is not going to be my vision of a "perfect" store or filled to the brim. I just don't have the time or energy. but I have the drive, so it will look as good as I can get it!

I made some "dictionary art" this weekend. Please let me know if you want a tutorial on any of these projects and I can do another post or two explaining the processes.

Decoupage dictionary pages on canvas.

I also framed one out in a vintage frame I painted red.

I painted an old table top black then with white paint wrote the definition of "believe". I was going for a kind of homemade whimsical look so I freehanded it.

Roses made out of dictionary pages.

Simple framed dictionary pages.

All will be in my shop. Once If I get my self organized at the new shop I will be taking custom orders for the dictionary art. Perfect for Valentines Day.

Also I finished painting a little dollhouse for Blooming Kids. The store gave me this dollhouse to paint at least 6 months ago, and I had it buried in my project stack. I got a call last week from Blooming Kids saying they might have a buyer for a dollhouse. So I had to quickly get this cutie done so some lucky child can have it as a Christmas present. I painted the entire house, added paper to the floors as mini rugs,  chalkboard paint in the kids room, and cute curtains. 

I am dropping this off at Blooming Kids today so go check it out! I think the price is around $50.

I forgot mention that after I dropped off the kids at school I came home, took a shower, and put my pj's back on. It is just one of those days. I will change out of the pj's before I drop the dollhouse off at Blooming Kids, although I would love to stay in these pj's all day.