Tuesday, November 29, 2011

s o    m o l l y

Let me start off with this post by saying, I know my friend Molly is reading this thinking, "What! Oh, no Alison what are you going to write about me." 
Don't worry miss Molly, I just finished this piece and thought it looked like something that would belong in your home.

I have had this piece in storage for at least two months. I have been so busy with Junk Salvation, then custom pieces, then vacation. Now I am in "stock the store" mode. For those of you who don't know, I am moving into a space next month. It was going to be the middle of December but the store isn't ready for use yet, so it looks like we will move in the beginning of January. I am going on vacation the beginning of January, so I won't be opening my area of the store until mid-January. I am relieved that things have been pushed back because I have a ton of work to do before I move into the new space.
Speaking of the new space, Erin from Clementine and Olive is going to be in there with me! I am so excited. The space is so big I didn't want to be in there by myself and I adore Erin's style.

We will be offering classes too! 

Anyway, back to my newest makeover. 

I didn't prime this piece, I sanded but painted right over a chocolate brown that it was previously painted. 
Three coats of paint {sorry I didn't check the color, will do and get back to ya'll}. Then I distressed and added these oversized knobs. I have had these knobs for a while, I knew they would be perfect for something!

Since this pieces is "So Molly" I thought I would put a Bible verse above it that Molly texted me a few months back. We were trying to do Bible verse memory for a while, I haven't been good at this. Ok, so maybe I will start with this verse as my memory verse for the week. Since we walk {um, almost- we have been skipping a lot lately} every morning, Molly gets to hear my worry and fret over my business, life, money, etc. 

I love this verse. I really do need to memorize this one. Every time worry sneaks in I need to recite it.