Thursday, October 13, 2011

g e a r i n g   u p 
{for my first flea}

I wanted to do a quick post about what I have been up to this week. First of all, I had a hard time getting going earlier this week. I did a lot of buying and not a lot of painting. The buying part is very important to my business, but it does stress me out when I am not using my time to be in the studio painting. I feel then I am rushed the rest of the week to get my pieces done. I am still trying to balance my custom pieces, with pieces that I design for the shop, and now I have the Junk Salvation Show Nov 4-5th to stock up for.

I came to the decision to not paint for the shop this month. I will be doing either custom pieces {I have six to finish this month} and pieces specifically for Junk Salvation. Whatever doesn't sell and I bring home from Junk Salvation will go right into the shop. Part of me doesn't want to sell out at the flea because I will have an empty shop {I shouldn't say that right, I should be happy to sell anything!}.

Anyway, my shop looks a little weird to me right now. I have been selling so much {again so great, not complaining!} that I have been having a hard time keeping it stocked.

Well, sorry for that really long, overdone explanation of what I have been doing this week. I am working out my thoughts as I type here {blog therapy}.

I did a french provincial set in Annie Sloan's Paris Grey, and added fabulous knobs.

I also painted a farmhouse table in Annie Sloan's Duck Egg, and added the same knob.
{random thing about Duck Egg, it is very very similar to BM's Covington Blue, a little softer version. I painted the table in my livingroom yesterday and I could have moved it right in there and it would have matched everything almost perfectly}.

This table was a "trade" with a client Bri, who bought a white table from me and we negotiated the price down with her trading me this table.

All of these tables are going with me to Junk Salvation, so if you want them come on the Friday {Nov 4th, and pick them up from me}

Also, I am going to do a "vlog" one of these days. You want to know what I have been waiting for honestly {besides going in a thousand directions everyday}....I needed to get my roots done. HA! It had been two months and ya'll would be like... is her hair blond or brown or both!? Gee whiz am I that shallow....darn....I guess so. Well maybe I just like you and I am just keeping it real.