Monday, September 26, 2011

c l a i m   i t    b e f o r e   i    p a i n t   i t 

Ok, sorry this is going to be an ugly post. Another all "before" photos. But I wanted to share with you that starting this week in the Shop Modern Cottage tab I am going to do a "claim it before I paint it" section. I am getting about 10 emails a day {average} asking for specific things that I don't have finished in my shop. What I got finished is, well what I have finished, that is all I will have for sale. So now you can go pick something out and have me do it custom for you until waiting for it to go in the shop. As soon as someone has claimed something I will mark it as claimed.

Here is what I am working on this week,
I will be one busy lady. Somethings I have already decided on the colors, some not.

The dresser below {the brown unfinished one below} is going to be painted yellow, similar to this one. One drawer is wonky, the bottom one. If I can't fix it to be perfect I will leave it open, get a new bottom cut for it and add baskets.
The tiered side table I haven't picked a color for.

Bookshelf tentatively taken. It will be painted robbins egg blue, as well as the magazine table {not claimed yet}
The other small table {on it's side} is going to be light grey with black feet.
The bench has not been claimed! I am getting dimensions today for those of you on Facebook that asked me for it.

These two tables below are taller than they look in the picture. The one on bottom is tall enough for a kitchen island, console table or small media stand. It will be painted white with black vintage glass knobs.
The one on top hasn't been claimed and I haven't decided on a color. Also, a chair would fit under this and it could either be a side table or small desk.

One last table. This used to be in my family room with chairs under it. I was going to cut the legs down just a bit more and someone can use it as a coffee table. It will stay white, it just needs some freshening up.

There you have it! Claim your pieces. I am literally starting on things today so email me ASAP.

I will share the finished products at the end of the week. I think there will be some amazing transformations.
I guess I should go paint now :)