Saturday, June 25, 2011

t h e   d e s k   i s   d o n e

I found a way to get some of my projects done while the kids are home for the summer. I moved the pieces I am working on to the middle of my living room and I am using my studio space for storage of finished pieces and other pieces waiting for some lovin. That way  I can work on pieces a little at a time and keep an eye on what the kids are doing. I have to overlook the fact that for the summer, my living room will  be a mess, but at least I am getting things done!

Remember the desk I thrifted the other day.

I decided to paint it kelly green, really because I had a can of this color sitting in my garage for the past two years and the thought of taking the kids to the paint store yesterday didn't sound fun. Now, I have to say I am sorry I don't know the exact color and brand of this green because the label on the can is too faded. I do remember where I bought it, so next time I am at Ace Hardware I will find the paint chip and let you all know.

I did a heavy duty amount of sanding on this gal and I took a chance and didn't prime before painting. I felt I had sanded so well that the paint would stick just fine without the primer. After painting a gazillion pieces of furniture in my life I can usually tell what will need a good prime and what will be ok without it.
{my new studio space, my living room}

I did three coats of green, and two coats of black on top {Behr , Black Suede, eggshell} and sprayed the original hardware black. After the paint dried, I distressed, did a dark glaze over the whole piece, and finished with a wax.

Since I usually paint in my studio, not in my home, my kids are not used to watching me paint furniture. My son watched this whole process and said to me a couple times, wow, good job Mommy.

Sweet desk, right? I am not posting this for sale on Shop Modern Cottage until September. I am trying to stockpile my summer projects to put in the shop in the fall. I really want to find other artists in the area to open a small shop. 
I will consider selling this now if you email me that you really want it.