Monday, June 27, 2011

I finished painting the antique green picnic table I picked up at the GW last week. This big guy needed a good cleaning. A little Mrs. Meyer's soap and water did the trick. I bought some red paint at the hardware store yesterday. This took me a very long time. Red is a very  hard color for me to pick. It can look too orange, pink, or two juvenile. I wanted a cherry red and I think I finally got close with BM, Candy Cane Red, in eggshell.  It took 4 coats to paint this bench, and after the third coat I had to walk away from the bench for a bit, he was annoying me. Or I was annoyed with myself for not getting the BM paint in Aura {primer added} to save myself time.
Since it isn't a dramatic before and after I thought it would be fun to show you 4 ways to use an antique picnic table inside your home.

I love this as a coffee table, and I am almost tempted to keep it in my living room but I would have to repaint everything in my entry and room to keep it, and that isn't going to happen. 

Use a bench at the dining table. It is great for a big family and easy to clean up after every meal, just wipe the bench down.

Such a fun entry way bench {this is how I will use it until someone buys it from me}. Low to the ground for little ones to easily hop up on to tie those little shoes and long enough to hold baskets full of kid stuff.

Lastly, at the foot of a bed. You could fold up extra blankets and store them on the bench.