Tuesday, May 31, 2011

o f f i c e   t o u r 

 I have been trying to organize my office. I took out an old black LARGE tv armoire that really didn't serve a great purpose for me in my office. Truthfully, I had it in the office because it was so large and heavy I wasn't sure where else to put it. With my mom's help we took the doors off the armoire and put it in my garage to hold all of my paint.

So, with the ugly armoire gone, I did a little re-arranging in the office.
 {My favorite thing to do! I might not be able to cook but boy I can re-arrange a room!}

I didn't have much of a choice with my color palette. The inspiration for the room was taken from the stain glass window on one end of the office.

I balanced the other end of the office with a gallery of some of my favorite photos and a large mirror.

Below is a picture of my desk, where I blog, and where I am typing now. The chalk board keeps me organized with the furniture projects that I need to get completed for the week.

I hope you enjoyed my office tour.

Oh, and this leads me to ask you a quick question. Do you think I should add back my home tour tab? I took it off a few weeks ago because my blog is also my business website. What are your thoughts on home tours and personal photos on a blog that serves as your work website?